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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Podcast Duel!

Click Here to help the Martial Journeys Podcast win!
Click Here to be a traitorous folly-ridden lout!

Friends, I need some help. The Martial Journeys Podcast has been challenged to a duel! What villainous ruffian of a podcast would do such a thing? Why, none other than the Accidental Podcast Or Something Like That by Les Bubka. I think we can all agree that this injustice cannot stand.

The stakes are very high, since whoever loses this duel must commit the great shame of posting a video of how to use hikite to generate power.  Astute podcast enthusiasts may note that my enemy has already created such a video.  I think we can all agree that this is because the Accidental Podcast has no honor, and not because Les is hilarious.  In any case, my sworn enemy has promised that should he lose the duel, he will post something even more ridiculous.  And of course, if I lose, I will disgrace my brand new YouTube channel with an appropriately embarrassing video.

How Podcasts Get Into Fights

So, friends, my fate is in your hands.  The duel will last for the month of June, at the end of which we will compare the Martial Journeys post against the Accidental Podcast post, and see which has more likes/reactions.  So all you have to do is like this post, and stay far, far away from this post.

May the best podcast win!

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